Welcome to Beam Bandit! In this game, you are a thief attempting to escape from an unsuccessful heist, but there are lasers blocking your escape! Navigate the confusing corridors, activate the keys, and escape through the hatch at the end while avoiding the dangerous beams. Oh, and do it at fast as possible!

NOTE: The beams must "charge up" before being able to damage you, so you will only get hurt when they are shaking.


WASDMove Up, Left, Down, and Right


This game was made in just under 3 hours for Trijam #92 with the theme Waves of Light. I had some trouble coming up with an idea for this one, but I've always found those laser mazes you see in movies protecting treasure pretty cool, so I thought it might be fun to try and emulate that. I made the artwork and sound effects myself using Illustrator and Bfxr, respectively, and I got the cool background music for free from

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