Welcome to Phantom Run! This is a platforming game designed to be speedran! The levels can be a bit difficult at first, but once you get the hang of the gameplay it gets a bit easier. Complete the individual levels or full game as fast as you can, and please enjoy!

Note: Running the game will take you to a separate page with just the game. I suggest running it in fullscreen from there for cleaner and bigger visuals.


A/D or Left/Right Arrow KeysMove Left and Right
Q/EDash a short distance to the Left or Right (grounded or airborne)
HReturn to the Level Hub
RRestart the level from the beginning
CReturn to the last checkpoint
MOpen/Close the menu to view your fastest times for each level


This game was the very first, and really only, project I worked on for many months after downloading Unity. Most of the base mechanics went through multiple iterations as I learned the ins-and-outs of Unity and C# through tutorials and code examples, and some even I managed to create all on my own (which was very exciting!). Because of this, I started working with a base idea, but then thought of different aspects and mechanics to implement for new levels as I learned more about what I could do, so if some levels seem a bit random or unique, that is probably why. This game is, at its core, a starting point for my journey as a game developer, so I only hope to learn and improve from here on out! I created all the visuals myself using Adobe Illustrator, the sound effects using Bfxr, and I got the awesome background music free from

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